Business of the Month - ABA & Verbal Behavior Group, Inc.

Wednesday, 09/09/15
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is comprised of Dr. Lynn Wilson and her team of twenty employees. Together they use evidence-based practices to target skill deficits and behavioral excesses associated with the diagnosis of autism. Specializing in infants (18 months to 3 years) up to about 6 years old, ABA helps children with autism learn how to talk, play, learn and socialize. 
Having been in business 3 1/2 years and working in the field for 20years, Dr. Wilson focuses on quality while providing effective and efficient behavioral programming that will allow your child to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest time possible while keeping intervention positive, fun and fresh. 
When asked what she loved most about SMARTSPACE Dr. Wilson shared this with us, “The front desk! Hard to nail it to one thing: the beautiful space and design, the outdoor gardens, the cleanliness and of course the art. Dr. Wilson recommends the following reads that have influenced her personally as a small business owner! 
  • First, Break All the Rules
  • What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently
  • Marcus Buckingham & Curt W. Coffman
Office:     619.281.6067


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