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Monday, 06/29/15



Golden Seller - Alireza Mehrzad 

Alireza and his team specialize in providing marketing and business development solutions to assist companies with their online presense. By reflecting on the true nature of the business and their online marketing campaign, Golden Seller offers unique strategies to maximize your marketing return on investment.
A few of the many services they offer include:
  • Customized Marketing Solutions
  • Smart Marketing Investments
  • Professional Web Design
  • Pay Per click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Mobile App Development
Golden Seller caters to a wide range of clients primarily working with professional services, medical and dental businesses. Founded in 2013, Alireza originally discovered his passion for Marketing while co-founding a student organization at UCSD. He recommends anyone starting a business to "Think BIG and be sure, at least in your head, you see a path of how your ideas can become reality. Ask yourself and every person you think is qualified a lot of how and why questions." When inquiring about groups or conferences that have helped him grow as a business owner, Alireza recalls a seminar by the name of "Passing the Torch of Success" by PAAIA IN Washington DC. During this event, he was influenced by a very accomplished Iranian American name Hamid Biglari, (VP of Citi Bank Financial) who talked about going and trying different routes before finding a way which he felt was best for him. 
Alireza and his team of 4 enjoy the friendly people at SMARTSPACE, the great networking opportunities it provides as well as the modern and artistic ambience! 
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