SmartSpace has partnered up with PayLease to make convenient Pay Online options with Credit Card or E-Check. SmartSpace accepts all major credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover and AMEX.

Pay Rent Online

Once you complete your FREE registration with PayLease, you are ready to log in and make payments online.

Through PayLease,

  • You can choose to make a rent payment online with either a credit card or an e-check draft from checking account.
  • You have the option of making a One-Time Payment or setting up an AutoPay Debit Cycle on your own terms.
  • You can also use the ExpressPay payment option for next day deposit.
  • It’s that easy! You can also check the status of you online payments, view payment history and manage your e-mail notifications.

If this is the first time using PayLease, Simply click here to sign up.

  1.  Enter first and last name, Email, phone and create password.
  2. Then click “Find your property” button
  3.  Choose the drop down option “property name” and type “Smart”
  4.  Choose Pay Now – “Smart Space San Diego, San Diego, CA 92123”
  5.  Click Pay Now link
  6.  Enter your Unit description, which is the Suite # for private office, or the words “Shared-Business Name” or “Mailbox-Business Name” …
  7.  Member account is created and ready to use immediately.
  8.  Paylease support if there are any issues logging into or making payments by calling…

PayLease Support 866-729-5327 /

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