Don't Take Our Word for it, Read Theirs!

At SmartSpace, we're constantly striving to deliver a dynamic atmosphere and services so tenants can effectively network, thrive and GROW their businesses!  Check out the buzz below on why so many tenants enjoy the SmartSpace Experience!  

"I have been working at SMARTSPACE since 2011, and it has been a pleausre. I love the office design and the amenitites, and people are always very nice. "
- Rosa Lilia Guiterrez
""We have LOVED every minute and hope you will have us back in the future!"  "
- Ghia S. Ransome
"Dear Amrit & Jennifer, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and being involved with the Halloween event yesterday at SmartSpace. You both could not have been nicer or more helpful in promoting Lionel's Legacy.  "
- Diane Bachman
"I have to say, it is the overall sense of community. I love being a part of SmartSpace because not only do I get a space for having sessions with my clients, I also get a space that feels ‘my own’ and allows me to get work done with colleagues. I feel very safe when I am on the premises and feel so blessed that I have gotten the opportunity to be a part of this community. Thank you, Maria, for making this transition so seamless and comfortable! "
- Jo Huang
"I enjoy the community feeling of being with a group of people that share your drive for business and the relaxed atmosphere. "
- Randy Trejo
"SmartSpace is a fantastic community of people. The scenery isn’t so bad either! "
- Shelley Addy
"I really like the people and the character that the space has. Thanks for doing such an awesome job managing the office!  "
- Mikel Bruce
"We love SmartSpace! The people at Smart Space are friendly, there is always great networking events, and the art galleries make this place awesome.  "
- Pixel Bytes Media
"Smart Space is hands down the best professional office space I have stepped into. What really makes this place special besides their professional appearance is that it doubles as an art gallery for some of the best artists in the San Diego area. This makes the building come alive. You simply can’t help but notice that you are in a special space. Their professional facilities such as their offices and conference rooms are state of the art as well. Simply a fantastic building. "
- Alex T.
"I had been searching to lower my overhead, and was lucky to find out about the SmartSpace concept through ECP. I was initially skeptical about moving, but I am so happy with the building and love EVERYTHING about it so far. Everyone has been helpful and friendly, you can feel the positive energy as soon as you walk into the reception area. It is not only beautiful, but peaceful as well. My clients have ALL remarked how much they like my new setting. The ability to browse the art while waiting is another bonus, which I think is what creates the amazing atmosphere. "
- Karen Rooney
"Ideally located, Smart Space is a place in which one can be proud to conduct business, where a variety of unique artworks decorate the walls. Efficiency and beauty are combined in a successful partnership. "
- Barbara McVey
"I am very excited about the SmartSpace and ECP concept for offices. I am delighted to open my first personal gallery within the conference room – the lighting and garden window are so inviting, and the conference room provides spectacular viewing space for my photography. For business owners, ECP provides economical solutions to office space and staffing, plus the conference room for meetings. And the bonus is the ever changing high quality art displayed in the lobby and throughout the building. It’s a win win! "
- Cynthia Hedgecock
"I believe SmartSpace is a beautiful contemporary venue to showcase art in the heart of San Diego. The office space has been thoughtfully designed to provide a unique experience for creativity and effectiveness due to the magnificent symbiosis with the art on display. Come and enjoy this exceptional atmosphere. "
- Julia San Román
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